This Dogfish Turns 2

A little milestone occurred last week that I managed to miss in the flurry of recuperating from Science Online: Ya Like Dags? reached its second year of existence.  This humble corner of the ocean blogosphere started on January 25th, 2010, as a means of documenting my field work and Master’s research.  It has since grown into something slightly larger, though I’ve tried to stick to a general theme of how fisheries interact with marine predators (with an emphasis on Squalus acanthias, the supposed arch-nemesis of commercial fishermen).  In the meantime I’ve sidetracked into other areas of shark research, internet emphemera, and even movie reviews, all while finishing my Masters and hanging out with like-minded scientists.  It’s been a good ride so far.

If this blog were a spiny dogfish, it would be somewhere in the 40 cm range in length, and would be swimming around in deep water along the continental shelf break.  Its diet would be made up mostly of krill and other deepwater invertebrates, but it may begin to dabble in eating smaller fish.  If this dogfish were female, it would still be looking at another 10 years before reaching reproductive maturity.

Thanks to all the readers, commenters, and Twitter followers who have helped motivate me to keep this blog going.  You all keep me from getting distracted and wandering off.  Here’s to another two years.

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  1. Ann · January 29, 2012

    Happy birthday and congratulations on all the great work you do!

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