Sharks vs. Cephalopods – The Battle Continues

A brief intermission from Spring Break: Contintental Shelf (I’ll have the final data scoreboard up soon).  I wanted to post on this earlier but was busy puking dogfish.  It looks like more shots have been fired in the never-ending conflict between sharks and cephalopods.

A little history: sharks have long been in conflict with octopi and squid over who gets to be the badass rulers of the ocean.  A certain YouTube video of a Pacific giant octopus taking out a spiny dogfish in an aquarium fanned the flames, though all true elasmophiles know that giant octopus show up frequently in the diets of larger Pacific sharks.  Then Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus was released, and the conflict exploded into full-scale war (at least in my house; I used to room with noted cephalopod freak Matt).  Though Sharktopus may represent a first step in the peacemaking process, the conflict continues unabated.

That’s a lot of links.

The latest news from the battlefield is that the shark heavyweight may be regularly taking out the cephalopod heavyweight (tip o’ the hat to Dan for the link).  Micheal Domeier has been satellite-tagging great white sharks and has tracked them to an apparently barren part of the Pacific.  However, this area does have a plethora of squid, including the much-feared Architeuthis, and is already utilized as a feeding ground for sperm whales.  The sharks in this area are making deep dives, and at least one massacred giant squid was found floating around. 

As the article points out, Domeier does have a habit of making the most of his screen time, and his methods have been controversial.  However, when it comes to sharks I’m about as fair and balanced as Fox News, so in your face, squid freaks!

Also came the news that the dogfish vs. octopus video was staged.  So sad that cephalopods have to resort to blatant propaganda…

Now that I’ve thrown around all those fightin’ words, what say the cephalopod fans?

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  1. sladdis · March 12, 2010

    Cuttlefish are pretty darn cute. And BAMFy.

    I'm sure you will be all over dinoshark.

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