Sharks on the Web: Elasmodiver

The better to eat you with…  Photo by Andy Murch
After the previous post’s lengthy manifesto, tonight I’ll just point you in the direction of a really awesome shark-related website.  I’ve been a fan of Andy Murch’s work at Elasmodiver for years; his amazing photographs of sharks have been a fixture of my screen saver and powerpoints (all credited).  The dogfish photo lurking behind the title of this very blog is his work.  Andy’s latest project is the Predators in Peril exhibition, a collection of conservation-themed shark photography.  Unfortunately this seems to be happening exclusively on the west coast for now, but hopefully it makes its way east at some point.  Until then, check out Andy’s website for some of the best undersea photography on the internet, and for a very useful and accurate field guide to sharks and rays.  A few of my favorites below the jump…
All photos by Andy Murch.

    This just seems like a buddy comedy in the making.

                          Prionace glauca
                           Isurus oxyrinchus

                          Mustelus sinusmexicanus

Squalus acanthias
A gillnetter’s worst nightmare.
Hope you’ve enjoyed the lighter fare today.  For those of you craving more raw science, that’s on its way soon, trust me…