Shark News Briefs

Not really a true post, but there are a couple noteworthy shark-related items available on the internet today that I wanted to make people aware of.

First off, in response to my post on the general lack of trustworthiness in dolphins, David over at Southern Fried Science has updated his classic post on dolphin-safe tuna.  Everyone should read this classic example of a well-intentioned conservation movement that actually screwed the whole open ocean ecosystem.  These are the perils of using a single cute, charismatic, and ultimately not endangered animal as the face of ocean conservation.

In happier news, Cape Cod beach communities continue to impress me with their reactions to the return of great whites in their waters (story found via Underwater Times).  Business owners in the area apparently see the presence of great white sharks as a potential boon to the economy, selling shirts and seeing increased numbers of tourists on the seal tours (I can’t lie, I’d probably take a seal tour in Cape Cod at this point just for the possibility of glimpsing a great white).  With typical New England pragmatism, they admit that it’s unlikely that anyone will actually spot one of the sharks, but they’re happy to have the business.

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