River Herring News

This post isn’t about sharks, but I do like to give props to those working-class fish that help feed the predators of the marine world.  Here are a couple items of interest for fans of those delicious and declining fish, the river herring.

First off, check in with Dan as he hits up Wilmington, NC for the 35th Annual Larval Fish Conference, an international conference on those second-class fish that actually have a larval stage (suckers).  Dan will be presenting his research on herring otoliths, and will hopefully have updates from the conference.

Second, for your reading enjoyment: graduate students at ECU working with Dr. Anthony Overton (who introduced me to the tube lavage method I’ve been using on dogfish) have put together a website on their research.  The site itself is still in the larval stage, but it’s certainly promising so far.  Keep checking in on them for updates on the status of blueback and alewife herring in the estuaries of North Carolina.