I’ve Been Tagged!

Apparently there’s a little meme going around the science blogging community where “bloggers of substance” are tagged and have to answer a couple questions.  I was tagged by Mike over at Cephalove and now I’ve been suckered in.  So here goes:

1.) Summarize my blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience in exactly 10 words.

2.) “Tag” 10 other bloggers of substance (and hope they read here regularly), thereby obligating them to participate.

My answers:

1.) Had a shark phase as a kid.  Never got out.

2.) Mike beat me to tagging everyone at the SFS network, so unfortunately I’ll have to tag far fewer than the requirement of 10 (since I’m a bit of a newbie at this whole blogging/networking thing), but trust me, these are bloggers of substance: Lyndell at People, Policy, Planet (pester her to post more often if you follow that link), my old roommate Matt at Matt’s Marine Music Medley, Sam at Oceanographer’s Choice, Al at Deep Type Flow, and John at Chronicles of Zostera.

In other news, it’s the beginning of the school year here in sunny North Carolina and I’ve been busy introducing myself to all the newbies and generally trying to be a strange combination of obnoxious and helpful while also getting all my own stuff together for the impending semester.  If posting gets a little sparse in the next week, that’s why.


  1. Matt H. · August 19, 2010

    woo, you would be surprised at how little I’m on the internet lately, you should be glad I caught this as soon as I did(hopefully you havent tagged me in anything else lately cause I would’ve missed it). Anyways I will respond here cause I like to try to keep my tumblr more media orientated and not put up blogy type posts. As stated in my first post on MMMM I originally wanted to do a marine playlist cause I was stuck in a crappy red neck town working a crappy job three hours away from the coast. Creating the music blog helped pass the time and dream and now other people can dream of the sea.

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