So I’ve been talking a big game so far about spiny dogfish, shark/fisherman interactions, and my own research (and let’s not forget the Sharktopus), but tomorrow is the first of many, many times I’ll be forced to put my money where my mouth is.  That’s right, the thesis proposal defense is tomorrow, where I present everything I’ve been working on for the past semester and a half to a small crowd of my mentors and hope I haven’t left any holes big enough to tear the whole project apart.  After that, spiny dogfish and their stomach contents own me for the next year and a half (at least).  Then I get to defend the whole thing

But that’s old news for most of the readers, as I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this blog is in grad school.  Immediately following (and I do mean just about immediately) will be (hopefully) some inshore sampling and then I live on the Bigelow until just about the end of Spring Break.  Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing a camera.

Update tomorrow, after I’ve either celebrated or drowned my sorrows.

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  1. Kate · February 16, 2010

    Does that mean you have to kill the sharks?

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