Crawling Back Up on the Beach

Apologies for the posts being a little thin here of late.  Between issues with our friendly local cable provider (rhymes with “Buddenlink”) and having to put entire days into getting my talk/teaching/classwork ready, I certainly haven’t been bored this past week.  Now that I’ve dug myself out from under it somewhat, look forward to more regular posts.

As far as the talk goes, I gave my seminar today, and it seems to have gone pretty well.  Even better, I managed to jerry-rig a way to film it, so I may be able to make it available to everyone who missed out (and watch it myself to realize that maybe it wasn’t the amazing talk I thought it was).

Also, Southern Fried Science has a merch store that is used to pay for the network’s server, which has me wondering… would anyone wear the design from my seminar poster as a t-shirt?

Things to ponder as I look forward to what may potentially be my first true Carolina hurricane this weekend.  Eastern North Carolina has a nasty habit of completely sinking anytime there’s more than a light drizzle, so hopefully things don’t get too ugly.


  1. Southern Fried Scientist · August 30, 2010

    Remember theNorth Carolina rule of thumb – Cat 1 or 2, party in Nashville for the weekend; Cat 3 or higher, stay on your porch and defend the homestead.

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