There’s an Ocean of Pseudoscience Out There

In honor of a fresh new semester for us grad students (and for those non-grad students reading this, the rest of you whippersnappers too), the Southern Fried Science Network has declared this week to Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, complete with a spiffy logo.  The world is a wacky place filled with a lot of people believing a lot of strange things that are just not supported by the science behind them, and the ocean has more than it’s share of pseudoscience.  So we’re gonna write about it.  I’m planning on contributing two epic research posts to the cause, but until those are up stop by Southern Fried Science, who are kicking off the week in style with a load of new posts, including the sea ape, a supposedly pristine tribe in the Philippines, the fact that sharks do in fact get cancer (also covered with class over at Observations of a Nerd.  You don’t have to be a network member to hang with us), and more disturbing news about sustainability certification for fisheries.  Stay tuned, keep checking the Gam, and remember to keep your critical thinking caps on.


  1. WhySharksMatter · September 6, 2010

    If Christie “ALSO covered with class”, does that mean that I covered with class?

    • Chuck · September 6, 2010

      David, you’re essentially a walking, talking pile of class.