Squalinkus acanthias

In the fine tradition of Kevin Z’s linkfest posts at Deep Sea News, I’ve designated this link-filled post with a bad pun on a scientific name.  We salty bloggers are classy like that.  Anyway, to make up for my lack of activity lately (it turns out that when you skip a week’s worth of classes to go to a conference, you have to make that work up sometime, plus I spent the weekend up in Jersey with the Hot Girlfriend) here’s some stuff that happened while I was elsewhere:

-The Southern Fried Science Network welcomed another blog to the fold.  Go check out Sleeping With the Fishes.  I’ve been an occasional reader of Hannah’s stuff over at Culturing Science, so I’m psyched to have her join our little evil empire.

-David over at Southern Fried Science got political on our asses by exposing the Republican “Save the Light Bulb” movement.  Andrew then got into the science of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and mercury, which sparked a nice raging debate in the comments section.  It turns out that on the internet, literally anything can become a controversial topic.

-Linked from Pharyngula is this amusing list of bad depictions of evolution in science fiction.  A certain amount of pseudoscience is a given in any sci-fi story (that’s generally where the “fiction” part comes in), but these examples are pretty egregious.  Check it out to see if any of your favorite made the list.

-For some more serious science, and an explanation of a method that everyone seems to be talking about without really knowing what it is (at least people working with those second-class bony fishes), check out Dan’s post on what, exactly, an otolith is.

-Finally, I managed to miss the premiere of Sharktopus.  If anyone has seen it and would like to leave me a recap, please do so in the Comments.

My next post will be my 100th (!) so I’m off to figure out some way to celebrate.


  1. Southern Fried Scientist · September 27, 2010

    Personally, I’m waiting for the sequel – Sharktopodes!

    • Chuck · September 27, 2010

      Is it sharktopi or sharktopuses?

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