Some Announcements

Just a few quick announcements as I figure out what the next “real” post will be.

First off, visitors to the site last night probably found that they couldn’t get this, or any of the awesome blogs on The Network to load.  This was a technical issue with our host, and it’s been resolved (otherwise I wouldn’t be able to type this and you wouldn’t be able to read it).  So welcome back, we do still exist.

Secondly, and in happier news, Southern Fried Science‘s own David Shiffman is now David Shiffman, Master of Science.  Go Dave!  I’m told his thesis defense will eventually be up on YouTube, until then check out his talk from this year’s Benthic Ecology Meeting to get an idea of what he’s been working on.

Finally, as you may be able to tell from the new button on the sidebar, the next edition of OpenLab is now taking submissions.  OpenLab is an annual publication that provides the year’s best science blogging in print form.  Last year I had the honor of a having a couple of my posts nominated, and the submissions so far will be listed on A Blog Around the Clock every Monday.  If anything I’ve posted since January seems print-worthy, make sure to submit it, and also keep any other quality science blogging in mind as well.

That should be everything.  Happy Tuesday.

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