Sharks from Home

Short but sweet post today on some shark news from my old stomping grounds in New England, courtesy of Underwater Thrills.

First off, a short and breezy documentary on blue sharks off the coast of my home state of Rhode Island:

Snappa Charters has been running shark dives out of the Port of Galilee in Narragansett for decades.  I remember seeing the shark cage on the back of their boat when I was a kid and wondering what it would be like to cage dive with some of the Atlantic’s finest.  One day…

To prove just how sharky the cool waters up North can be, here’s another story about great whites marked with satellite tags off of Massachusetts.  The first tag has popped up and Greg Skomal of the Mass DMF is going over the data.  This first shark made it all the way to Florida, so it should be some interesting stuff.

And of course, no discussion of New England sharks would be complete without linking to Captain Tom’s New England Sharks site.  This site is a testament to the amount of knowledge that fishermen can provide on the marine ecosystem.