Tomorrow I head down to Charleston to do a little shark fishing with Dave “WhySharksMatter” Shiffman.  This should be an interesting change of pace from spiny dogfish, though I’ve played with larger sharks (some larger than me) before.  I’m looking forward to being introduced to a whole suite of coastal sharks, potentially including sandbars (Dave’s target species), Atlantic sharpnoses, bonnetheads, blacktips, blacknoses, bulls, and maybe some wild cards like scalloped hammerheads, tigers, and spinners (Dave tells me the survey he works with has only ever caught one, but I’m holding out hope – one of the grad students at ECU netted one in Core Sound during her field work last year).  Seeing some of the more obscure species in person will also help if I ever need to identify them, and many of these species show up in North Carolina waters as well.

Also, Charleston rules.  It reminds me of Newport, Rhode Island, but with palm trees.  Should be a fun weekend, and yes, there will be pictures.

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