SDAFS Podcasts Up

Tip o’ the hat to Dan at the Endolymph for making me aware of this.  The podcasts from the Southern Division AFS meeting are now available online for your listening and viewing pleasure.  Apparently due to technical difficulties you won’t be able to hear my talk or any of the other feeding ecology talks (dammit!), but you can check out Dan’s talk on otolith microchemistry of river herring, which will probably be better listening for anyone into methods that are little more cutting edge and puking sharks (Dan remains the first person to explain otolith microchemistry to me in a way that didn’t make it sound like complete witchcraft).  The podcast site is helpfully arranged by subject, so browse around and give a listen to anything that might be interesting.


  1. Dan · February 13, 2011

    That sucks that your talk isn’t available, you’ll have to post your RIP seminar

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