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A couple quick updates about things that have really slowed down my posting, but have definitely been worth it.

First off, SciREN was a great time.  It was awesome meeting all the teachers interested in bringing marine and coastal science into their classrooms, and also getting a chance to check out what other researchers at other schools are up to.  I’m definitely looking forward to participating again next year, and strongly encourage any of my fellow marine science folk in North Carolina to check it out.  For other opinions on this great event, check out these links:

Carteret County News-Times: Thorough overview of SciREN with quotes from the organizers, teachers, and researchers.

UNdertheC Blog: Epic recap featuring details on several of the researchers and photos form the night at the aquarium.  If you look closely you can see me stuffing my face in one of them.

UNC Campus Update: This post has background on Avery and Heather, who were able to bridge the gap between UNC and Duke to put this event together.  Seriously, it ended less than an hour before the start time for the Duke-UNC basketball game and no blood was shed.  These two deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

If I’ve missed any other press coverage of SciREN, let me know and I’ll be sure to add it to the list.

Second, an article I wrote about the shark tagging research I’ve been working on has been published in the latest issue of Coastwatch, North Carolina Sea Grant’s publication about coastal and marine research in the Old North State.  You can read the full article online here, and also an overview of shark research in the Rulifson lab at ECU.

Now that I’m done bouncing around the state for a week or so, expect normal posting to resume soon.  Seriously.

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