PCS Phosphate Tries to Sneak Sulfur Burning Plant Into Morehead City

Something downright dirty is happening in the Morehead City Port, and it could potentially impact one of the most active parts of the North Carolina coast.  PCS Phosphate, a division of Potash Corporation, is apparently trying to sneak a sulfur burning plant into Morehead City, which could potentially impact not just the area around the port, but also the marshes to the north, Atlantic Beach to the south, Beaufort to the east, and who knows where else if the winds are strong enough.  Andrew at Southern Fried Science has the rundown on why you haven’t been hearing about this and what questions people should be asking about this proposed development.

The Crystal Coast is one of the most important areas of North Carolina to the tourist industry and one of my personal favorite areas of the state for beachgoing and fishing.  It’s frankly insane that such a potentially disruptive development is being seriously considered for that area, and I find it impossible to believe that whatever money Potash would bring in from the plant could offset the hurt it will put on tourism and fishing.  Judging by the fact that every effort is being made to proceed with as little public input as possible, Potash is probably aware of this.  Fortunately, the news is out and there’s still time to get involved.  Check out the Clean County Coalition for the latest news and ways you can take help prevent this shot straight to the foot of Cartaret County and the Crystal Coast.


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  2. holmes bocanegra londoño · July 22, 2011

    Me gustaria leer su articulo, por favor me lo envian al corrreo pues me gustaria aprender sobre dicho tema de hornos para quemado de azufre en plantas productoras de acido sulfurico.

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