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You hear about it all the time: American schools are trailing the rest of the world at science and math, leading to us losing our competitive and creative edge and generally creating a situation where the movie Idiocracy seems painfully prescient.  Well, you could sit around complaining about it, or you could do something to reverse the trend.  This is where Donor’s Choose comes in.  The way this works is that classrooms in need of funds make requests, and then friendly readers like you head over and donate to whichever initiative you think is most worthy.  The Southern Fried Science network has helpfully compiled a list of science education projects that we think are worthwhile and are currently in need of some extra cash.  Most of the time all these classrooms need is a couple hundred bucks, so even if all you can chip is $10 you’re still putting a nice dent in their needs.  So head over to the Gam Classroom Initiative or check out the widget over in the sidebar, and help some kids get a good science education.

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  1. Anna · October 1, 2010

    Everybody here at wants to thank The Gam for getting involved this year! Thanks for supporting the next generation of scientists!

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