Grad School Life

A little personal update for those of you keeping score at home.

Field work is heating up.  In the next two weeks I’m either due to be on a week-long cruise (possibly with only a day’s notice… weeeee…) or on a couple day trips for some inshore sampling.  After that I’ll be hopping on the NOAA R/V Henry Bigelow until mid-March.  All while teaching and going to class.  If nothing else, grad school really teaches you how to multitask.

This of course goes hand in hand with defending my thesis proposal, which will be fit in there somewhere. 

At times like these it’s important to stop and remember why you’re trying to line all this stuff up.  In my case it’s because I’m about to be out on the high sees playing with small sharks.  And that’s pretty cool.

Start looking for field work-related posts soon.