Get Psyched for Tidewater ’12

Hope you’ve all enjoyed my brief time off as much as I have.  While I don’t necessarily consider blogging to be work, the two tend to coincide more often than blogging and vacation.  So in that spirit, let’s get back to work.  I’ll make my first post-conference post about… another conference.

My first conference was the 2010 meeting of the Tidewater Chapter of the American Fisheries Society in Annapolis, and pretty much got me hooked on conferences.  Though Tidewater is probably the smallest conference I ever go to, it’s a great group of fisheries scientists made up of a wide variety of academics, managers, and scrappy grad students like yours truly, all united by a shared interest in marine and estuarine fisheries.  The Tidewater Chapter encompasses North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware and will be hosted by North Carolina this year.  If you’re working in one of those states or have an interest in the marine biology and fisheries of those areas, you should stop by Morehead City, NC, in March for the 26th Annual Meeting.  Details are finally emerging on the venues and entertainment for the weekend, and it’s looking to be a great one.  Plus I’ll pretty much have to be there.

And while we’re at it, don’t forget to jump on the early-bird registration rate for the AFS Parent Society Meeting in Seattle.  I’ll be there not on speaking, but helping organize an entire day’s worth of presentations on shark fisheries and conservation.  Hopefully our badass symposium will be enough to entice lots of shark people to come invade the conference.  Plus, it’s in flippin’ Seattle.

Now back to thesis writing.  Weeee…