Dogfish on Tour: Upcoming Travel Plans

Hope everyone’s holiday break is going well.  There are a couple sciencey-type events coming up that I’m planning on attending in the new year.  Both have the added benefit of taking place in North Carolina, which simplifies travel plans nicely.  If you’re in NC in the late winter/early spring, you might see me at:

ScienceOnline: (January 19-21, Raleigh, NC) This annual gathering sees a flock (gaggle? murder?) of science bloggers descend on Raleigh to discuss the nature of science communication online.  I missed this last year but will be there rolling deep with the marine blogosphere.  This is an “unconference” in which the talks are more like discussions, which should be interesting to see.  Several of the sessions are headed up by friends of the blog, so take a good long look at the program.

AFS Tidewater Chapter: (March 8-10, Beaufort, NC) I have a long history with this conference, and this year’s will be in the heart of Southern Fried Science territory.  A much smaller, more low-key meeting than the larger AFS conferences, the Tidewater Chapter meeting includes students, academics, and professionals from Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia.  ECU is hosting this one, and the current President-elect of the Tidewater Chapter is a labmate of mine, so attendance would be practically mandatory for me even if I wasn’t excited to go.  Maybe some of the Dukies will make an appearance?

Keep your calendars marked.


  1. Travel · December 21, 2011

    well this sound good..i am also science lover, i looking forward it..thanks for this information.

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