Dogfish on Tour: Pittsburgh, PA

Hey all.  I’ve been ridiculously busy lately and it almost slipped my mind to announce my next trip out pimping my research.  This time I’ll be presenting a poster at the AFS annual meeting in sunny Pittsburgh, PA.  For those who saw my poster at AES and might be at AFS (apparently all fish-related societies must be similarly named), I’ll have considerably more data on this one and more than likely a few more pictures of formalin-preserved dogfish-induced carnage.  So if you’ll be at this massive meeting of fisheries scientists next week, feel free to stop by and heckle me at my poster.  It’ll be fun for the whole family!

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  1. Mike Lisieski · September 8, 2010

    Man, everybody’s in Pittsburgh these days but me! Good luck and have fun!

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