Dogfish on Tour: Minneapolis then Seattle

A little advance notice on a couple public appearances I’ll be making in the near future.  Of course all the shark/fish/reptile nerds know about the upcoming Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Minneapolis, where I’ll be giving a talk during the AES portion of the conference.  Check out the schedule and the presentation abstracts here (I’ll be under the A-E section).  I’ve been psyched about this conference since showing a poster at last year’s.  Come for my talk on how dogfish puke can help us manage fisheries, stay for all the talks and poster presentations that will no doubt be better than mine.

Minneapolis will be setting my record for the furthest west I’ve traveled (previously held by Knoxville, Tennessee… but I’ve been all over the east coast).  That record will shortly be broken by Seattle in September, when I head to the absolutely massive AFS Parent Society Meeting.  This conference is already projected to be the largest conference AFS has ever put together, and myself, Andrea, Jen, and Lyndell have the honor of having organized a symposium on shark fisheries and conservation for it.  Not a small one either, we’ve lined up an entire day of shark talks from some of the biggest names in shark research and fisheries, capped with a panel discussion and poster session.  You’re welcome.  The early-bird registration rate is still available for this meeting until July 29th, so jump on it.

And if you can’t possibly make it to either of these, you can still follow along with the inevitable recaps that will be showing up on this very blog.  You will, however, still be lame for not actually being there.


  1. ElOceanografo · June 18, 2011

    Seattle, eh? We should be in touch then, maybe get a tasty beverage of some kind…

    • Chuck · June 18, 2011

      I hear they have a lot of those over there. Sounds like a plan.

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