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Spiny Dogfish Devour Pelican!

Killer whales aren’t the only hungry predators off of North Carolina right now. A former student of mine just e-mailed me these pictures from a fishing trip off of Cape Lookout.  He was looking for stripers and saw commotion in … Continue reading

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Elasmobranch Fail from Animal Planet

Animal Planet has an article up called the Top 10 Most Endangered Fish Species, which is a pretty good light read and gets most of its facts straight.  It gets kudos for having some species that don’t normally make this … Continue reading

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Linkodon typus

Gather ’round kids.  It’s time for another rundown of interesting, funny, and downright bizarre events happening in the world’s oceans. Yet another blog has joined The Network.  Please welcome People, Policy, Planet and make sure to leave a comment or … Continue reading

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This is more of an academic post than a shark-related post.  This article has been making the science blog rounds today for good reason: if true, it has far-reaching (but distressingly unsurprising) implications not just for education but society in … Continue reading

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Prionace glinka

Because sometimes it’s more efficient to post up a bunch of links than write a full post. Chronicles of Zostera has officially been assimilated into the Southern Fried Science Network.  John’s been pumping out quality posts on scallops, seagrass, and … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Tuna Fisheries: a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

A series of articles started over at the Center for Public Integrity are shedding light on just how chaotic and lawless the bluefin tuna fishery in the Mediterranean Sea has become.  Though nominally managed through the International Commission for the … Continue reading

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Here Comes Earl

It’s looking like Earl might hit the east coast harder than any storm since Hurricane Bob (which I watched as a child way back in ’91 as it destroyed half the trees in my yard in Rhode Island).  Evacuations have … Continue reading

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Angry Post

You may have noticed that I haven’t been saying much about the white elephant (or big black blob) in the ocean.  This is for two reasons: first, I try to stick to my main subjects here, which are dogfish, shark … Continue reading

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Dogfish Where They’re Really Not Supposed to Be

Earlier I posted about spiny dogfish sticking around in parts of North Carolina when the conventional wisdom says they should be heading north (and I’m still looking for more dogfish stories from the Beaufort/Morhead City area).  Well, it seems now … Continue reading

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Ew, Just Ew

As a budding marine scientist, I’ve had to see fish dismember themselves in fishing gear, dissect things that look like they crawled out of the Star Wars cantina, dispose of rapidly-thawing specimens dated from 2003 (while the wind was blowing … Continue reading

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