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AES 2012 Aftersharks

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with that cringeworthy pun in the title, I’d like to put up a quick post on my overall thoughts on AES 2012 and the host city.  This took a couple days due to a … Continue reading

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NOAA/NMFS Plans to Reduce “Problem Species” Populations

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is often painted by fishermen as a rabidly pro-conservation agency hell-bent on putting them out of a job by protecting every species they used to fish.  However, leaked internal memos show that the agency … Continue reading

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Great White Sharks Attack Whales. Seriously.

During a literature search for some dissertation-related stuff I stumbled upon quite possibly the most awesome paper ever for a shark fan.  It’s well-known that sharks, especially large, migratory species, supplement their diet of fish and sea mammals by scavenging … Continue reading

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Thresher Sharks vs. Whales – Finding Melville’s Shark?

Back in the day (earlier this year) Andrew at Southern Fried Science had a series of posts called “Finding Melville’s Whale,” in which he poetically summarized chapters of the Herman Melville classic (and required reading for anyone serious about the … Continue reading

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Cape Cod Dogfish Tagging Round 2

Finally managed to get enough time between recuperating from the trip and moving apartments to sit down and give you all a recap of what I and the rest of the Rulifson lab have been up to for the past … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season…

As I get ready to head up to Cape Cod to help out with the latest round of dogfish tagging, some exciting news popped up on Underwater Times.  A great white of impressive proportions was sighted off of Martha’s Vineyard … Continue reading

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Carcharhinus linkbatus

Apologies for the long lag time between posts this week.  Let’s catch up. From Rick over at Deep Sea News: Holy crap that’s a lot of bull sharks! Remind me to find some way to do my PhD research in … Continue reading

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I Live!

Yeah, it’s been a while.  I’ve finally dug my way out from under the end of the semester mess and after exams tomorrow I’ll be a free man for the summer (at least until I start teaching).  As I take … Continue reading

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