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Orcas Spotted off Oregon Inlet

And you thought dogfish stealing your catch was bad…  Recently a group of fishermen looking for bluefin tuna off of Oregon Inlet here in North Carolina’s very own Outer Banks had quite the show as a pod of orcas appeared … Continue reading

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Interesting Dogfish Behavior from YouTube

I think anyone who uses the internet on a regular basis can agree that, overall, YouTube is good stuff.  It has its pitfalls for sure: bad karaoke, those stupid “jump scare” videos, and don’t even read the comments if any … Continue reading

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Carcharhinus linkbatus

Apologies for the long lag time between posts this week.  Let’s catch up. From Rick over at Deep Sea News: Holy crap that’s a lot of bull sharks! Remind me to find some way to do my PhD research in … Continue reading

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SDAFS Podcasts Up

Tip o’ the hat to Dan at the Endolymph for making me aware of this.  The podcasts from the Southern Division AFS meeting are now available online for your listening and viewing pleasure.  Apparently due to technical difficulties you won’t … Continue reading

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Bait in the Water

Both fishing and a lot of marine science are generally all about dropping some bait in the water and seeing what happens.  Swiped from Climate Shifts by way of DSN, here’s a selection of possible outcomes when you drop a … Continue reading

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