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Striped Bass Eat Too Much

Ah, the majestic striped bass. It’s been called the “perfect fish” by enthusiastic anglers, and represents one of the greatest successes of fisheries management in North America. It fights like a demon when hooked and is delicious when baked. Anglers … Continue reading

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Fish Wars: Recreational and Commercial Fishermen Clash Over Striped Bass

This will be a rare non-shark post, but I think it will cover an issue that permeates throughout fisheries management regardless of which species you’re focused on (maybe not so much spiny dogfish: rec and commercial fishermen alike aren’t huge … Continue reading

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Feeding Habits Analysis: Clash of the Titans

It’s been a little while since I’ve added to my world-famous series of posts on spiny dogfish gut contents, but today I found something that proved to be entertaining for the entire lab, and perhaps a little heartbreaking for some.  … Continue reading

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