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101 Uses for Shark Puke Part 2: How Much Do Sharks Eat?

The last time I wrote about the usefulness of shark puke, I discussed a few of the less obvious uses of diet studies on sharks.  As apex predators, sharks can sample a wide variety of potential prey species, and diet … Continue reading

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AES 2011 Day 3

Time for the recap of day 3 of JMIH/AES 2011.  Read on below the jump…

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AES 2011 Day 2

It’s day 2 of JMIH/AES, and, as usual, there were too many great talks for me to go through them all.  Make sure to check WhySharksMatter and labroides on Twitter to fill in some of the gaps, and if anyone … Continue reading

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AES 2011 Day 1

I’ll have to be fairly brief with this recap of day 1 of JMIH/AES 2011 so I can make the shuttle to the first “official” social of the conference, so hear goes:

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Cape Cod Dogfish Tagging Round 2

Finally managed to get enough time between recuperating from the trip and moving apartments to sit down and give you all a recap of what I and the rest of the Rulifson lab have been up to for the past … Continue reading

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European Dogfish Updates

Still up in Massachusetts doing a little dogfish tagging, but we’ve taken a couple days off to recuperate and let the weather finish clearing up.  It’s already been much better weather and far more productive than the last time we … Continue reading

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Back to New England

Tomorrow I get up bright and early and head back to Massachusetts with the Rulifson lab to see if we can finish the job we started in May before being thwarted by the weather.  It should be warmer and hopefully … Continue reading

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101 Uses for Shark Puke

Earlier today WhySharksMatter and I had a little light-hearted smack talk about new-school (stable isotopes) vs. old-school (gastric lavage or straight-up dissection) methods of measuring the diet of sharks.  These are the things you could be privy to if you … Continue reading

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Reproduction: Secret Weapon of the Dogfish?

Spiny dogfish are one of the rare success stories in the management of shark fisheries, with the U.S. Atlantic population representing one of the few shark stocks ever to fully recover from overfishing.  At first glance this doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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The Cape Cod Tagging Recap

The past few posts have been quick short-form recaps of what’s been going on that day.  Now that I’m back in town (after we called the trip early due to weather) I finally have a chance to upload the pictures … Continue reading

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