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My Thesis: The Liner Notes

Whew.  What a semester end that was (I’m still trying to survive the fallout).  The first year of the PhD is down, and with it hopefully most of my class load so I can get to the fun stuff.  This … Continue reading

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Busy Times, in a Good Way

Apologies for the lag time between posts this week.  I was going strong, but then the end of the semester reared its ugly head.  I’ll likely be slow getting stuff up in the next week or so as I deal … Continue reading

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NOAA/NMFS Plans to Reduce “Problem Species” Populations

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is often painted by fishermen as a rabidly pro-conservation agency hell-bent on putting them out of a job by protecting every species they used to fish.  However, leaked internal memos show that the agency … Continue reading

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Spiny Dogfish Quotas Go Up for 2012

Just a quick dogfish fishery news post for your Friday afternoon.  NMFS has released the spiny dogfish quota for the 2012 fishing season, and as expected the quota has gone up.  This year (starting May 1st) the dogfish quota will … Continue reading

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Dogfish and Seals Taking a Bite out of Fisheries?

It should be no secret to readers of this blog or anyone familiar with fisheries at all that spiny dogfish have a pretty rotten reputation among commercial fishermen.  Quickly approaching the notoriety of dogfish are those damn dirty sea mammals, … Continue reading

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The Tidewater Recap

Last weekend I attended the 26th Annual Meeting of the Tidewater Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, better known as AFS Tidewater or just plain Tidewater.  To recap, this conference encompasses fisheries academics, students, and managers from the so-called “tidewater … Continue reading

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Sustainability for Atlantic Spiny Dogfish?

This week the U.S. Atlantic spiny dogfish fishery took another step towards becoming the second shark or ray fishery ever to earn a sustainability certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).  The first was the Pacific spiny dogfish fishery, which … Continue reading

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Cape Hatteras Doggin’

After most of a semester in the office, I finally managed to get out on the water this past weekend.  I traveled down to Hatteras with Andrea to help out with the latest piece of his project tracking different life … Continue reading

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Atlantic Spiny Dogfish Fishery Closed

Chalk this up as yet another example of me missing the boat on something I should really be posting.  Earlier, I posted on the recent dramatic increase in the spiny dogfish quota, then the closure of the fishery in North … Continue reading

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Three Fisheries Management Stories

Usually I leave short commentary and links to interesting news on Twitter, but three recent stories piqued my interest and warrant more discussion here.  And no, none of them are about whale trading, which has been covered far better by … Continue reading

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