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The Social Shark Network

Recently Jason Goldman at the great blog The Thoughtful Animal (if you have any interest in animal behavior at all, you should be following it) put up a post titled “Sharks With Friends.”  In that post, he summarizes a recent … Continue reading

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Happy Fishmas to All

Whatever your flavor of yuletide cheer, have yourself a quality Christmas Eve.  Here’s that most secular of winter holiday icons giving the gift of tasty fish to sand tiger sharks in Auckland, NZ.

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Thresher Sharks vs. Whales – Finding Melville’s Shark?

Back in the day (earlier this year) Andrew at Southern Fried Science had a series of posts called “Finding Melville’s Whale,” in which he poetically summarized chapters of the Herman Melville classic (and required reading for anyone serious about the … Continue reading

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Dogfish Quota Officially Increased

It’s good to be back.  Lots of news in the dogfish and shark fisheries while I’ve been busy. The ASMFC officially announced that they would be increasing next year’s spiny dogfish quota to 30 million pounds, up from the 20 … Continue reading

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Overdue Book Reviews – Demon Fish and Sharks of North America

I’ve reached that point where I’m starting to apologize in each post for how long its been since the previous post.  Well, no more apologies.  I’ve been buried in both starting the PhD and finishing the Masters, and unfortunately the … Continue reading

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More on Squalamine

Tip o’ the hat to The Dorsal Fin for finding and posting video of Dr. Zasloff, lead author on the recent study showing how dogfish liver oil can fight viruses, explaining how this whole process works.  It works a little … Continue reading

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Spiny Dogfish Munch Viruses?

Editor’s Selection IconI’ve been on hiatus for a little bit as I adjust to the workload inherent in starting a PhD program (while putting the finishing touches on a thesis, but that’s neither here nor there…), so that’s my excuse … Continue reading

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AFS 2011 – Big Ol’ Recap

I’ve spent the last week at the 141st Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, where nearly 4,000 fish nerds from the worlds of academia, management, and even art descended on Seattle for four days of talks, socials, interesting conversation … Continue reading

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Shark Night 3D – A Shark Scientist’s Perspective

I’m going to try to bridge my “wannabe shark expert” and “pop culture dork” sides tonight.  Last night I got the chance to check out Shark Night 3D, which has been getting a little bit of buzz as the first … Continue reading

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Sharks of the Jersey Shore

Just got back from a little pre-school-year vacation visiting the Hot Girlfriend up in New Jersey, which has seen its share of shark sightings this summer.  New Jersey has a long history with sharks, what with the first high-profile string … Continue reading

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