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Notes on Some of Those 79 “New” Shark Species

By now it’s somewhat old news that a recent study by Gavin Naylor and other researchers from all over (freely available here) has revealed that there may be up to 79 previously undiscovered shark and ray species, which complicates conservation … Continue reading

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Another Round on the Neuse

Late last summer, I embarked with an intrepid crew of Duke grad students to track bull sharks in the Neuse River.  We came up empty-handed that time, but a year later I found myself going back for another crack at … Continue reading

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How Italy Ate Up All Its Sharks

As dramatically imperfect as U.S. fisheries management can be, I still stand by my stance that we have the best-managed fisheries in the world.  Fishermen gripe about it being too restrictive and quick to change, conservationists complain about it being … Continue reading

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The Future

Posts have been a little sparse here for the past month or so, and it’s because I’ve been spending a lot of time a.) finishing up my first year of PhD school, and b.) setting up a new batch of … Continue reading

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Busy Times, in a Good Way

Apologies for the lag time between posts this week.  I was going strong, but then the end of the semester reared its ugly head.  I’ll likely be slow getting stuff up in the next week or so as I deal … Continue reading

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Great White Sharks Attack Whales. Seriously.

During a literature search for some dissertation-related stuff I stumbled upon quite possibly the most awesome paper ever for a shark fan.  It’s well-known that sharks, especially large, migratory species, supplement their diet of fish and sea mammals by scavenging … Continue reading

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The Most Badass Fish in the Sea

You might think that the title of this post refers to the spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias), the main species of interest for this blog.  You’d be wrong.  You’d also be wrong to guess the great white, as badass a shark … Continue reading

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Blacktip or Spinner?

During my last trip out to the field, I documented a small shark that came up in the gillnet, and identified it as a juvenile blacktip shark.  Now, after looking over the picture in better detail and consulting the literature, … Continue reading

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Cape Hatteras Doggin’

After most of a semester in the office, I finally managed to get out on the water this past weekend.  I traveled down to Hatteras with Andrea to help out with the latest piece of his project tracking different life … Continue reading

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The Hammerhead Incident

What happens when a surf fisherman in Miami lands an enormous great hammerhead on Super Bowl Sunday?  A conversation about regulations, engaging stakeholders, and my first attempt at Storify.  Read on.

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