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Sharks > Marlin

Tip o’ the hat to Underwater Thrills for linking to this amazing set of photographs.  Underwater photographer Alistair McGlashan was in the water taking shots of fishermen releasing a marlin when a shortfin mako whipped past him and proceeded to … Continue reading

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Shark News Briefs

Not really a true post, but there are a couple noteworthy shark-related items available on the internet today that I wanted to make people aware of. First off, in response to my post on the general lack of trustworthiness in … Continue reading

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Sharks on the Web: Elasmodiver

The better to eat you with…  Photo by Andy Murch After the previous post’s lengthy manifesto, tonight I’ll just point you in the direction of a really awesome shark-related website.  I’ve been a fan of Andy Murch’s work at Elasmodiver … Continue reading

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