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James Cameron Hits Bottom

Way to totally overshadow my post about makos, guys. In case you haven’t been following, filmmaker and ocean enthusiast (seriously, have you seen The Abyss?) James Cameron has made it to the Challenger Deep, also known as the bottom of … Continue reading

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Overdue Book Reviews – Demon Fish and Sharks of North America

I’ve reached that point where I’m starting to apologize in each post for how long its been since the previous post.  Well, no more apologies.  I’ve been buried in both starting the PhD and finishing the Masters, and unfortunately the … Continue reading

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More on Squalamine

Tip o’ the hat to The Dorsal Fin for finding and posting video of Dr. Zasloff, lead author on the recent study showing how dogfish liver oil can fight viruses, explaining how this whole process works.  It works a little … Continue reading

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New Dogfish Species Found in Taiwanese Fish Market

The Order Squaliformes, home to the dogfish sharks, is one of the most diverse groups of sharks currently swimming the oceans, second only to the Carcharhiniformes in sheer number of species.  Within that order is the Family Squalidae, made up … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Shark Week 2011

As you may have noticed, a little thing called Shark Week was on TV this week.  It’s long been something of a Super Bowl for shark fans, and has more recently become a pop culture phenomenon.  It can be said … Continue reading

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Twitter Discoveries: and RJ Dunlap

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about Twitter for a while.  However, since jumping on the bandwagon I’ve actually found it to be an incredible source of information and news that I would never have had the time to … Continue reading

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Sphyrna linkwini

It’s been a rather busy weekend/week here due to catching up on grading and attempting to get my thesis done and defended sometime before the next school year, but fear not, I haven’t forgotten you.  Because other people manage to … Continue reading

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SDAFS Podcasts Up

Tip o’ the hat to Dan at the Endolymph for making me aware of this.  The podcasts from the Southern Division AFS meeting are now available online for your listening and viewing pleasure.  Apparently due to technical difficulties you won’t … Continue reading

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Dogfish on Tour: SDAFS Recap

As I mentioned earlier, while  several representatives from the wet blogosphere were at Science Online, Dan, me, and the rest of the ECU crew were at the Southern Division AFS meeting.  A good time was had by all, and yes, … Continue reading

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Carcharhinus linkus

I keep trying to quit these link posts, but the amount of cool stuff on the internet just keeps pulling me back in… Over at The Endolymph, Dan shows us how concepts from otolith microchemistry can also be applied to … Continue reading

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