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I Live!

Yeah, it’s been a while.  I’ve finally dug my way out from under the end of the semester mess and after exams tomorrow I’ll be a free man for the summer (at least until I start teaching).  As I take … Continue reading

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Rhode Island Flooding

The Warwick Mall in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Photo from the Providence Journal. I’ve been really remiss on posting about this before, but the state of Rhode Island was nearly sunk by heavy rainfall this week.  The rain has finally stopped … Continue reading

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Bring Me That Horizon

After a slight miscommunication that nearly kept me from getting through the gate (and I was afraid would get me shot or arrested… mostly shot) I have been aboard the Bigelow since about 9 this morning.  We set off from … Continue reading

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Sharks from Home

Short but sweet post today on some shark news from my old stomping grounds in New England, courtesy of Underwater Thrills. First off, a short and breezy documentary on blue sharks off the coast of my home state of Rhode … Continue reading

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