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Spiny Dogfish Ecotourism?

One of the biggest challenges in conservation has been making the continued existence of a species or environment worth more than its value as food, real estate, or any other consumptive use.  Like it or not, some policymakers and populations … Continue reading

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Enjoying Seafood While Knowing Too Much

I freely admit that I enjoy seafood.  I grew up in New England, where the American seafood industry was practically invented, and now live in North Carolina, where the confluence of cold and warm water at Cape Hatteras makes for … Continue reading

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Three Fisheries Management Stories

Usually I leave short commentary and links to interesting news on Twitter, but three recent stories piqued my interest and warrant more discussion here.  And no, none of them are about whale trading, which has been covered far better by … Continue reading

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AES Conclusions and An Announcement

Below the jump you’ll find a talk that I somehow managed to forget to discuss here on the blog, some parting remarks about the conference, and an announcement.

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AES Day 3.5

Day 3 of the AES conference was the big feeding symposium, and there was plenty to sink my teeth into (all puns always intended).  Today is mostly made up of the stress symposium, which is a little technical for my … Continue reading

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AES Day 3 coming up

I had a good run so far, but thanks to social obligations I’ll have to save the Day 3 update on the AES conference for later.  Stay tuned…

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AES Day 2 – Day of the Dogfish

Today was the day when two of us from the Rulifson lab gave our presentations (Jen gave a talk, I stood by my poster and chatted with passers-by).  Perhaps by design it was also the day that the dogfish talks … Continue reading

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AES Day 1

The first official day of talks wrapped up today, followed by a pretty sweet social at the Roger Williams Park Zoo.  I’ll run down some of the more interesting stuff I heard about today in relatively short form below.

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Dogfish on Tour: The Providence Prelude

Your humble narrator is currently in the Great State of Rhode Island after a detour to the Jersey Shore to visit the Hot Girlfriend.  I’ll be spending time with some friends until Wednesday, when  the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and … Continue reading

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The Ya Like Dags? Social Guide to Rhode Island

Two posts in two days?  It’s like I’m a real blogger all the sudden. The occasion for this post is that next week I’ll be participating in the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.  I’ll be presenting a poster on … Continue reading

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