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Who’s Eating Atlantic Salmon?

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) just can’t catch a break.  Like their Pacific counterparts, Atlantic salmon are anadromous, meaning they live in the ocean as adults, but swim upriver to spawn.  Despite having the evolutionary advantage of being able to spawn … Continue reading

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Trawling is Not Plowing

This probably should have gone under the annual Southern Fried Science Week of Ocean Pseudoscience, but last week kept me busy enough to effectively prevent me from doing any writing here.  For some reason, I’ve been hearing from multiple fishermen, … Continue reading

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Spiny Dogfish Munch Viruses?

Editor’s Selection IconI’ve been on hiatus for a little bit as I adjust to the workload inherent in starting a PhD program (while putting the finishing touches on a thesis, but that’s neither here nor there…), so that’s my excuse … Continue reading

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New Dogfish Species Found in Taiwanese Fish Market

The Order Squaliformes, home to the dogfish sharks, is one of the most diverse groups of sharks currently swimming the oceans, second only to the Carcharhiniformes in sheer number of species.  Within that order is the Family Squalidae, made up … Continue reading

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Sharks of the Jersey Shore

Just got back from a little pre-school-year vacation visiting the Hot Girlfriend up in New Jersey, which has seen its share of shark sightings this summer.  New Jersey has a long history with sharks, what with the first high-profile string … Continue reading

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101 Uses for Shark Puke Part 2: How Much Do Sharks Eat?

The last time I wrote about the usefulness of shark puke, I discussed a few of the less obvious uses of diet studies on sharks.  As apex predators, sharks can sample a wide variety of potential prey species, and diet … Continue reading

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101 Uses for Shark Puke

Earlier today WhySharksMatter and I had a little light-hearted smack talk about new-school (stable isotopes) vs. old-school (gastric lavage or straight-up dissection) methods of measuring the diet of sharks.  These are the things you could be privy to if you … Continue reading

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Reproduction: Secret Weapon of the Dogfish?

Spiny dogfish are one of the rare success stories in the management of shark fisheries, with the U.S. Atlantic population representing one of the few shark stocks ever to fully recover from overfishing.  At first glance this doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Protected Sharks Still Eat Fish

Amid the constant talk of lowered biodiversity, invasive species, habitat destruction, global climate change, and any other examples of how thoroughly we as a species have wrecked the planet, it’s always good to hear an actual success story in conservation.  … Continue reading

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How to Not Catch Dogfish

Even the biggest fan of spiny dogfish can’t deny that these little sharks sure are great at choking up entire nets.  This is especially problematic for commercial fishermen who are trying to catch anything other than dogfish, and particularly for … Continue reading

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