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Adventures in Acoustic Telemetry

One of the reasons posting has been so sparse lately is that I’ve been busy putting gear together, scheduling, breathlessly paying attention to the weather, and finally getting out on the water to work on the acoustic array off of … Continue reading

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Summer of the Shark: Back to the Pamlico

Tuesday saw Evan, Andrea, and I head back to the Pamlico River to cover it with the longline (you can see why it was missing last time here) in my brave/foolish attempt to see if there are any sharks in … Continue reading

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Another Round on the Neuse

Late last summer, I embarked with an intrepid crew of Duke grad students to track bull sharks in the Neuse River.  We came up empty-handed that time, but a year later I found myself going back for another crack at … Continue reading

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Cape Hatteras Doggin’

After most of a semester in the office, I finally managed to get out on the water this past weekend.  I traveled down to Hatteras with Andrea to help out with the latest piece of his project tracking different life … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Irene

Most of the east coast is now digging its way out from under whatever Hurricane Irene dumped on them, and can say with some certainty that Irene was nothing like Earl.  Eastern North Carolina got whacked early on, where new … Continue reading

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Hunting Bull Sharks in the Neuse

Yesterday I got the chance to wake up before dawn and head down to Morehead City to help out Duke PhD student Meagan Dunphy-Daly in her research on bull sharks and their habits in the Neuse River.  She has a … Continue reading

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Cape Cod Dogfish Tagging Round 2

Finally managed to get enough time between recuperating from the trip and moving apartments to sit down and give you all a recap of what I and the rest of the Rulifson lab have been up to for the past … Continue reading

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The Cape Cod Tagging Recap

The past few posts have been quick short-form recaps of what’s been going on that day.  Now that I’m back in town (after we called the trip early due to weather) I finally have a chance to upload the pictures … Continue reading

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Spiny Dogfish Devour Pelican!

Killer whales aren’t the only hungry predators off of North Carolina right now. A former student of mine just e-mailed me these pictures from a fishing trip off of Cape Lookout.  He was looking for stripers and saw commotion in … Continue reading

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Galinkocerdo cuvieri

I had grand designs of getting caught back up with the blog, but those were thwarted by thesis writing, teaching, grading… plus St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness.  Turns out I do have a tiny sliver of a life outside … Continue reading

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