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Hunting Bull Sharks in the Neuse

Yesterday I got the chance to wake up before dawn and head down to Morehead City to help out Duke PhD student Meagan Dunphy-Daly in her research on bull sharks and their habits in the Neuse River.  She has a … Continue reading

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Win: PCS Withdraws Sulfur Burning Plant

Governor Bev Perdue traveled to Morehead City this afternoon to announce that Potash/PCS Phosphate is voluntarily withdrawing their plans to put a sulfur burning plant in the State Port in Morehead City.  This is after almost instantaneous and spirited public … Continue reading

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North Carolina Shark Round-up

In case you think I’ve been too wrapped up in my old home’s sharks, here’s a recap of the latest shark news from my new home.  North Carolina is plenty sharky, even if Jaws itself only makes rare appearances.

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PCS Phosphate Tries to Sneak Sulfur Burning Plant Into Morehead City

Something downright dirty is happening in the Morehead City Port, and it could potentially impact one of the most active parts of the North Carolina coast.  PCS Phosphate, a division of Potash Corporation, is apparently trying to sneak a sulfur … Continue reading

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Get Psyched for Tidewater ’12

Hope you’ve all enjoyed my brief time off as much as I have.  While I don’t necessarily consider blogging to be work, the two tend to coincide more often than blogging and vacation.  So in that spirit, let’s get back … Continue reading

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AES 2011 Day 4

Today marked the last official day of shark talks at JMIH/AES, though there will still be plenty of bony fish a reptile talks tomorrow.  Most likely I’ll be exploring Minneapolis, and then it’s time for the long trip back and … Continue reading

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New Pier on the Block

  I just got back from a nice, much-needed weekend in the Outer Banks, and had an opportunity to check out the latest addition to the Nags Head coastline.  Jennette’s Pier has a long history among Outer Banks fishing piers, … Continue reading

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River Herring News

This post isn’t about sharks, but I do like to give props to those working-class fish that help feed the predators of the marine world.  Here are a couple items of interest for fans of those delicious and declining fish, … Continue reading

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Groupers and Sand Tigers, Oh My

Apologies for the lack of action here lately.  I’ve been out of town on a much-needed vacation and am gearing up for some summer field work that starts, oh, next week.  I’ll be trying to put up a more substantial … Continue reading

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Spring Dogfish Sightings

It’s that time of year again, when spiny dogfish theoretically head out from North Carolina waters on their way back up to New England for the summer.  However, last year there were reports of dogfish sticking around Morehead City and … Continue reading

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