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White Sharks Now Interacting With People at Cape Cod

I suppose it was only a matter of time.  I’ve waited until more information was available before writing anything about this, but it looks like the first confirmed Massachusetts white shark attack since 1936 has occurred at Ballston Beach on … Continue reading

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New England Great Whites to be Wrangled

I haven’t written about New England great whites here in a while, though I do chime in about new sightings and info on Twitter.  However, it looks like the sharks of the East Coast are attracting attention from more than … Continue reading

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Great White Sharks Attack Whales. Seriously.

During a literature search for some dissertation-related stuff I stumbled upon quite possibly the most awesome paper ever for a shark fan.  It’s well-known that sharks, especially large, migratory species, supplement their diet of fish and sea mammals by scavenging … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Shark Week 2011

As you may have noticed, a little thing called Shark Week was on TV this week.  It’s long been something of a Super Bowl for shark fans, and has more recently become a pop culture phenomenon.  It can be said … Continue reading

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New England Great White Round-up

Most of my linking now takes place on Twitter, but I thought it’s about high time I did a quick recap of the summer’s New England great white sightings so far.  It’s looking to be the sharkiest summer so far, … Continue reading

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AES 2011 Day 3

Time for the recap of day 3 of JMIH/AES 2011.  Read on below the jump…

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Cape Cod Dogfish Tagging Round 2

Finally managed to get enough time between recuperating from the trip and moving apartments to sit down and give you all a recap of what I and the rest of the Rulifson lab have been up to for the past … Continue reading

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New England Great Whites and More on Shark Week

That special time of year is fast approaching.  That’s right, Shark Week is only a month and a half away.  There’s been some debate over the continued educational benefit of Shark Week, especially after the terrible 2009 season where the … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season…

As I get ready to head up to Cape Cod to help out with the latest round of dogfish tagging, some exciting news popped up on Underwater Times.  A great white of impressive proportions was sighted off of Martha’s Vineyard … Continue reading

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Not All Great Whites are Snow Bunnies

Tip o’ the hat to The Dorsal Fin for this article.  It’s been a while since I’ve written about the great whites of New England, but this is mainly because, according to the tagging studies performed by Greg Skomal of … Continue reading

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