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Feeding Habits Analysis: The Wrap-Up

Wow, that’s a post a day since Sunday.  I am all kinds of productive. I reached a milestone in my thesis research shortly before Christmas when I looked through my final set of dogfish puke.  All told I’ve gone through … Continue reading

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Happy 2011

2010 will be ending in about 9 and a half hours, so happy new year!  Remember to indulge responsibly.  If you’re trying to decide what booze to celebrate the demise of 2010 with, might I suggest Squid’s Fist and Shark … Continue reading

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100th Post Sharkstravaganza

The more you hang around the internet and read blogs, the more you realize that blogs tend to follow r/K selection theory.  There are r-selected blogs, which spring up, pump out a couple posts, then vanish, and often have authors … Continue reading

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Stomach Content Analysis: Halfway!

Today I finished the day by going over my 204th set of stomach contents.  Given a total sample size of 399 (I know, I know, I couldn’t just get an even 400), that puts me at officially a little over … Continue reading

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Woo! 50th post!

6 months, 50 posts.  Not a bad pace so far.  As the world watches the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico and I prepare for another boat trip out to Cape Lookout (now that we’ve found the holdover population, … Continue reading

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