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Galinkocerdo cuvieri

I had grand designs of getting caught back up with the blog, but those were thwarted by thesis writing, teaching, grading… plus St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness.  Turns out I do have a tiny sliver of a life outside … Continue reading

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Carcharhinus linkbatus

Apologies for the long lag time between posts this week.  Let’s catch up. From Rick over at Deep Sea News: Holy crap that’s a lot of bull sharks! Remind me to find some way to do my PhD research in … Continue reading

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Mustelus linkus

Another round of shark news links.  Enjoy. The biggest news is likely the release of the International Shark Attack File’s annual report.  The main gist: shark attacks are up worldwide, down in the US.  Of course that high is a … Continue reading

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Linkodon typus

Gather ’round kids.  It’s time for another rundown of interesting, funny, and downright bizarre events happening in the world’s oceans. Yet another blog has joined The Network.  Please welcome People, Policy, Planet and make sure to leave a comment or … Continue reading

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Carcharhinus linkus

I keep trying to quit these link posts, but the amount of cool stuff on the internet just keeps pulling me back in… Over at The Endolymph, Dan shows us how concepts from otolith microchemistry can also be applied to … Continue reading

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Somniosus microcephalinkus

As cold weather sets in and everyone gets ready for the holidays, I figured a cold water shark would be appropriate for today’s link pun.  Due to Thanksgiving’s rapid approach and a visit from The Hot Girlfriend, I’ll be eschewing … Continue reading

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Prionace glinka

Because sometimes it’s more efficient to post up a bunch of links than write a full post. Chronicles of Zostera has officially been assimilated into the Southern Fried Science Network.  John’s been pumping out quality posts on scallops, seagrass, and … Continue reading

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Isurus oxyglinkus

Unfortunately a punishing round of grading exams and lab reports has kept me from posting since about Monday.  I’m through it now, but now I’m far too brain-fried to offer up any substantial posts.  While I recover my aching brain, … Continue reading

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