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How the Oil Spill Affects Fisheries

Kevin Z over at Deep Sea News has an interview with fisheries biologist Dave Kersetter that explains how the oil spill in the Gulf may affect (and is already affecting) the area’s fisheries.  This should be required reading for anyone … Continue reading

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I Live!

Yeah, it’s been a while.  I’ve finally dug my way out from under the end of the semester mess and after exams tomorrow I’ll be a free man for the summer (at least until I start teaching).  As I take … Continue reading

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Man vs. Squid – Your Salmon Need You!

And fishermen thought spiny dogfish were bad… From Humboldt squid (Docidicus gigas) are undoubtedly badass animals.  Growing up to 6 feet long, capable of living in virtually oxygen-free water, and occasionally cooperating to drag divers to their doom, this … Continue reading

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CITES Results

The Southern Fried Scientist sums it up rather nicely. No protection for anything at CITES. Thanks for comin’ out.

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More on Gulf of Maine Porbeagles

 Photo by Andy Murch. First off, peace to Captain Phil. Recently Underwater Times has linked to a couple more stories about the population of porbeagles interacting with fishermen in the Gulf of Maine.  This whole story has some interesting parallels … Continue reading

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"Plague of Sharks" in the Gulf of Maine

  Gimme your fish and no one gets hurt.  Photo by Andy Murch. I found this story on Underwater Times and thought it was interesting given how deep into fisherman/shark relations any work with dogfish requires you to go.  Apparently … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Spiny Dogfish

“Voracious beyond belief, dogfish deserve their bad reputation among many fishermen.”  – Bigelow and Schroeder’s Fishes of the Gulf of Maine As anyone with any kind of familiarity with Squalus acanthias will tell you, these are deeply unpopular animals.  Fishermen … Continue reading

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