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EU Considers Ban on Dogfish

Last week the European Union considered a petition to ban on all products made from spiny dogfish.  The petition, put forward by the representative from Germany, would have banned trade of all spiny dogfish products, and barring that called for … Continue reading

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Enjoying Seafood While Knowing Too Much

I freely admit that I enjoy seafood.  I grew up in New England, where the American seafood industry was practically invented, and now live in North Carolina, where the confluence of cold and warm water at Cape Hatteras makes for … Continue reading

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The Case Against Dolphin-Safe Tuna

Here’s another shining example of a post I should have had up a week ago before life intervened.  Last week the World Trade Organization ruled that the dolphin-safe label on canned tuna unfairly discriminates against Mexican fishermen.  The debate could … Continue reading

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Dogfish and Seals Taking a Bite out of Fisheries?

It should be no secret to readers of this blog or anyone familiar with fisheries at all that spiny dogfish have a pretty rotten reputation among commercial fishermen.  Quickly approaching the notoriety of dogfish are those damn dirty sea mammals, … Continue reading

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Atlantic Spiny Dogfish Fishery Closed

Chalk this up as yet another example of me missing the boat on something I should really be posting.  Earlier, I posted on the recent dramatic increase in the spiny dogfish quota, then the closure of the fishery in North … Continue reading

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Interesting Times at NOAA

I live!  Thanksgiving break lead into one of the busiest academic times I’ve ever had.  When I was working on my Master’s, I used to think PhD Comics were hyperbole, that there was no way it could be that bad.  … Continue reading

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Trawling is Not Plowing

This probably should have gone under the annual Southern Fried Science Week of Ocean Pseudoscience, but last week kept me busy enough to effectively prevent me from doing any writing here.  For some reason, I’ve been hearing from multiple fishermen, … Continue reading

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Harpoon Fishing is Totally Badass

Bycatch is a huge problem in commercial fishing operations.  The need to make trips out on the water worth the expenses of gas, gear, and work-hours means that often commercial gear is designed to capture as many fish as possible … Continue reading

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Sustainable Swordfish?

A while ago I wrote about the attempt to get the Atlantic spiny dogfish fishery certified as sustainable.  It seems the MSC has come under fire for certifying another fishery that has a significant impact on sharks: the Canadian swordfish … Continue reading

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Tidewater ’11 Recap

After a brief blogcation due to lots of travel around Spring Break (woooo!), I’m back in action.  While I was gone I attended the 25th anniversary meeting of the AFS Tidewater Chapter, which includes the AFS subunits from North Carolina, … Continue reading

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