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Atlantic Spiny Dogfish Fishery Closed

Chalk this up as yet another example of me missing the boat on something I should really be posting.  Earlier, I posted on the recent dramatic increase in the spiny dogfish quota, then the closure of the fishery in North … Continue reading

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Three Fisheries Management Stories

Usually I leave short commentary and links to interesting news on Twitter, but three recent stories piqued my interest and warrant more discussion here.  And no, none of them are about whale trading, which has been covered far better by … Continue reading

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Ageing Spiny Dogfish: Are We Doing it Wrong?

Welcome to the first post in 2012.  It’s probably good to start the new year off with a doozy, and in keeping with the theme of this blog, it involves that scrappy little shark everyone loves to hate.  Spiny dogfish … Continue reading

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Who’s Eating Atlantic Salmon?

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) just can’t catch a break.  Like their Pacific counterparts, Atlantic salmon are anadromous, meaning they live in the ocean as adults, but swim upriver to spawn.  Despite having the evolutionary advantage of being able to spawn … Continue reading

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Interesting Times at NOAA

I live!  Thanksgiving break lead into one of the busiest academic times I’ve ever had.  When I was working on my Master’s, I used to think PhD Comics were hyperbole, that there was no way it could be that bad.  … Continue reading

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Dogfish Quota Officially Increased

It’s good to be back.  Lots of news in the dogfish and shark fisheries while I’ve been busy. The ASMFC officially announced that they would be increasing next year’s spiny dogfish quota to 30 million pounds, up from the 20 … Continue reading

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Menhaden Matter, Dammit

Turns out moving apartments takes up more time than expected.  Then you turn around and 12 days have passed.  I’ve officially become one of those deadbeat bloggers I make fun of.  Until I get a proper post, enjoy this interesting … Continue reading

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Is Increased Dogfish Quota the Answer?

Tip o’ the hat to Shark Advocates for bringing this to my attention.  According to the Press of Atlantic City, the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council has tentatively approved a 78.5% increase in the Atlantic spiny dogfish quota for this year.  … Continue reading

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Trawling is Not Plowing

This probably should have gone under the annual Southern Fried Science Week of Ocean Pseudoscience, but last week kept me busy enough to effectively prevent me from doing any writing here.  For some reason, I’ve been hearing from multiple fishermen, … Continue reading

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Duke Grad Student Mini-Symposium Recap

This past weekend I headed down to beautiful sunny Beaufort, North Carolina for the semi-biannual (is that even a word?) Duke Grad Student Mini-Symposium.  This event is open to all North Carolina-based universities willing to send grad students to check … Continue reading

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