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Notes on Some of Those 79 “New” Shark Species

By now it’s somewhat old news that a recent study by Gavin Naylor and other researchers from all over (freely available here) has revealed that there may be up to 79 previously undiscovered shark and ray species, which complicates conservation … Continue reading

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It’s Official – North Pacific Dogfish a Different Species

A while back I posted on the possibility of spiny dogfish in the North Pacific (think California up to Alaska, across to Kamchatka and the upper parts of Japan) being a different species, based on differences in both life history … Continue reading

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Isurus oxyglinkus

Unfortunately a punishing round of grading exams and lab reports has kept me from posting since about Monday.  I’m through it now, but now I’m far too brain-fried to offer up any substantial posts.  While I recover my aching brain, … Continue reading

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Squalinkus acanthias

In the fine tradition of Kevin Z’s linkfest posts at Deep Sea News, I’ve designated this link-filled post with a bad pun on a scientific name.  We salty bloggers are classy like that.  Anyway, to make up for my lack … Continue reading

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I am a Dogfish

Well, close enough.  One of my favorite evolutionary concepts is that we humans are but highly derived fish (check out Neil Shubin’s Your Inner Fish sometime to see just how deep and awesomely accurate that statement actually is), and now … Continue reading

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Meet the New Dogfish, Same as the Old Dogfish

Recently Will over at Bomai Cruz posed the question, “what determines a species?”  This is a relevant question for spiny dogfish research, since much of what is currently known about Squalus acanthias comes from work on the very well-studied north … Continue reading

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DarWIN, not DarLOSE!

I’ve always thought the comedic talents of both Dana Carvey and Charles Darwin were highly underrated. Dana Carvey is “DARWIN” – watch more funny videos

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