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Reproduction: Secret Weapon of the Dogfish?

Spiny dogfish are one of the rare success stories in the management of shark fisheries, with the U.S. Atlantic population representing one of the few shark stocks ever to fully recover from overfishing.  At first glance this doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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River Herring News

This post isn’t about sharks, but I do like to give props to those working-class fish that help feed the predators of the marine world.  Here are a couple items of interest for fans of those delicious and declining fish, … Continue reading

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Protected Sharks Still Eat Fish

Amid the constant talk of lowered biodiversity, invasive species, habitat destruction, global climate change, and any other examples of how thoroughly we as a species have wrecked the planet, it’s always good to hear an actual success story in conservation.  … Continue reading

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Sphyrna linkwini

It’s been a rather busy weekend/week here due to catching up on grading and attempting to get my thesis done and defended sometime before the next school year, but fear not, I haven’t forgotten you.  Because other people manage to … Continue reading

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Spring Dogfish Sightings

It’s that time of year again, when spiny dogfish theoretically head out from North Carolina waters on their way back up to New England for the summer.  However, last year there were reports of dogfish sticking around Morehead City and … Continue reading

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Sharks Join the Good Fight

As some readers may be aware, lionfish are in the process of making a massive invasion into the Atlantic, dominating reefs in the Caribbean and southern U.S., and even appearing as far north as southern New England.  JohnnyScallops has been … Continue reading

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Spiny Dogfish Devour Pelican!

Killer whales aren’t the only hungry predators off of North Carolina right now. A former student of mine just e-mailed me these pictures from a fishing trip off of Cape Lookout.  He was looking for stripers and saw commotion in … Continue reading

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Unintentional Shark Tagging

This might possibly be the most awesome paper about tagging fish ever. One of the handiest advances in telemetry, especially of large, highly-migratory oceanic species, has been the advent of PSAT tags.  These tags do it all: movement, depth, temperature, … Continue reading

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Tidewater ’11 Recap

After a brief blogcation due to lots of travel around Spring Break (woooo!), I’m back in action.  While I was gone I attended the 25th anniversary meeting of the AFS Tidewater Chapter, which includes the AFS subunits from North Carolina, … Continue reading

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Striped Bass Eat Too Much

Ah, the majestic striped bass. It’s been called the “perfect fish” by enthusiastic anglers, and represents one of the greatest successes of fisheries management in North America. It fights like a demon when hooked and is delicious when baked. Anglers … Continue reading

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