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My Thesis: The Liner Notes

Whew.  What a semester end that was (I’m still trying to survive the fallout).  The first year of the PhD is down, and with it hopefully most of my class load so I can get to the fun stuff.  This … Continue reading

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Busy Times, in a Good Way

Apologies for the lag time between posts this week.  I was going strong, but then the end of the semester reared its ugly head.  I’ll likely be slow getting stuff up in the next week or so as I deal … Continue reading

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NOAA/NMFS Not Actually Culling Sharks and Whales

Just to clarify, that previous post was intended to be an April Fool’s joke.  Apparently it was a lot more convincing than my “pictures of dogfish attacking a pelican” post from last year, and is now threatening to go viral … Continue reading

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James Cameron Hits Bottom

Way to totally overshadow my post about makos, guys. In case you haven’t been following, filmmaker and ocean enthusiast (seriously, have you seen The Abyss?) James Cameron has made it to the Challenger Deep, also known as the bottom of … Continue reading

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The Tidewater Recap

Last weekend I attended the 26th Annual Meeting of the Tidewater Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, better known as AFS Tidewater or just plain Tidewater.  To recap, this conference encompasses fisheries academics, students, and managers from the so-called “tidewater … Continue reading

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Science Online 2012 – The Aftermath

I’ve officially survived my first Science Online, and returned mostly intact.   This gathering of scientists, journalists, bloggers, and others came together in Raleigh from Wednesday to Saturday, and created one of the most unique conference experiences I’ve had so … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take this moment to wish a happy new year to all readers, fellow ocean bloggers, and people stumbling across this on the internet.  Make sure you have a safe place to land if you overindulge, and may … Continue reading

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Happy Fishmas to All

Whatever your flavor of yuletide cheer, have yourself a quality Christmas Eve.  Here’s that most secular of winter holiday icons giving the gift of tasty fish to sand tiger sharks in Auckland, NZ.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

How do we celebrate Thanksgiving?  With crude Photoshop, of course.

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Thresher Sharks vs. Whales – Finding Melville’s Shark?

Back in the day (earlier this year) Andrew at Southern Fried Science had a series of posts called “Finding Melville’s Whale,” in which he poetically summarized chapters of the Herman Melville classic (and required reading for anyone serious about the … Continue reading

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