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Adventures in Acoustic Telemetry

One of the reasons posting has been so sparse lately is that I’ve been busy putting gear together, scheduling, breathlessly paying attention to the weather, and finally getting out on the water to work on the acoustic array off of … Continue reading

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Spiny Dogfish Ecotourism?

One of the biggest challenges in conservation has been making the continued existence of a species or environment worth more than its value as food, real estate, or any other consumptive use.  Like it or not, some policymakers and populations … Continue reading

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Groupers and Sand Tigers, Oh My

Apologies for the lack of action here lately.  I’ve been out of town on a much-needed vacation and am gearing up for some summer field work that starts, oh, next week.  I’ll be trying to put up a more substantial … Continue reading

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Carcharhinus linkbatus

Apologies for the long lag time between posts this week.  Let’s catch up. From Rick over at Deep Sea News: Holy crap that’s a lot of bull sharks! Remind me to find some way to do my PhD research in … Continue reading

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Woo! 50th post!

6 months, 50 posts.  Not a bad pace so far.  As the world watches the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico and I prepare for another boat trip out to Cape Lookout (now that we’ve found the holdover population, … Continue reading

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