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Ramble On

Fresh back from a visit to the Jersey Shore with the Hot Girlfriend, which means I have tonight to catch my breath and finish off my presentation before I catch a plane to Minneapolis for JMIH/AES tomorrow.  Looking forward to … Continue reading

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Dogfish on Tour: Minneapolis then Seattle

A little advance notice on a couple public appearances I’ll be making in the near future.  Of course all the shark/fish/reptile nerds know about the upcoming Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Minneapolis, where I’ll be giving a talk … Continue reading

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River Herring News

This post isn’t about sharks, but I do like to give props to those working-class fish that help feed the predators of the marine world.  Here are a couple items of interest for fans of those delicious and declining fish, … Continue reading

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Dogfish on Tour – Greenville, NC

I really should have put this up earlier, but it slipped my mind until now.  I’ll be presenting research at ECU’s Research and Creative Achievement Week, a week’s worth of exhibits and talks celebrating student research and artwork.  If you … Continue reading

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Tidewater ’11 Recap

After a brief blogcation due to lots of travel around Spring Break (woooo!), I’m back in action.  While I was gone I attended the 25th anniversary meeting of the AFS Tidewater Chapter, which includes the AFS subunits from North Carolina, … Continue reading

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Spring Break Baby!

Apologies for the slow posting here this week.  I’ve just gotten back from visiting The Hot Girlfriend in Jersey, now I’m prepping my badass presentation for the AFS Tidewater Conference, where I’ll be for the rest of the week.  Regular … Continue reading

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Dogfish on Tour: Gloucester, VA

It’s time for yet another stop on the Chuck Won’t Shut Up About His Research Tour.  Next weekend I’ll be up in Gloucester, Virginia (not Massachusetts) for the annual meeting of the AFS Tidewater Chapter.  It’ll be taking place at … Continue reading

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SDAFS Podcasts Up

Tip o’ the hat to Dan at the Endolymph for making me aware of this.  The podcasts from the Southern Division AFS meeting are now available online for your listening and viewing pleasure.  Apparently due to technical difficulties you won’t … Continue reading

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Dogfish on Tour: SDAFS Recap

As I mentioned earlier, while  several representatives from the wet blogosphere were at Science Online, Dan, me, and the rest of the ECU crew were at the Southern Division AFS meeting.  A good time was had by all, and yes, … Continue reading

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Dogfish on Tour: Tampa, Florida

Whew, it’s been a while since the last post (like, last year.  Har har har…).  A nice trip back to my New England motherland caused me to be a little more off the grid than usual, but now I’m back.  … Continue reading

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