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Squalinkus acanthias

In the fine tradition of Kevin Z’s linkfest posts at Deep Sea News, I’ve designated this link-filled post with a bad pun on a scientific name.  We salty bloggers are classy like that.  Anyway, to make up for my lack … Continue reading

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New Blargs

The AFS conference has kept me pretty busy so I haven’t been able to post regularly, but I will have a recap up soon.  Until then, check out the two new blogs that have joined the SFS network.  The first … Continue reading

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Something Nifty

My lab-mate Dan has started blogging about his adventures in otolith microchemistry, river herring, and hockey.  Check his stuff out over at The Endolymph (possibly one of the coolest names for a science blog ever) and encourage him to post … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Blue Sharks

This month’s Carnival of the Blue is over at the Saipan Blog, and has a major focus on those cartilaginous predators we all know and love.  Posts by me and network-mate David are up over there, as well as some … Continue reading

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There’s an Ocean of Pseudoscience Out There

In honor of a fresh new semester for us grad students (and for those non-grad students reading this, the rest of you whippersnappers too), the Southern Fried Science Network has declared this week to Ocean of Pseudoscience Week, complete with … Continue reading

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Crawling Back Up on the Beach

Apologies for the posts being a little thin here of late.  Between issues with our friendly local cable provider (rhymes with “Buddenlink”) and having to put entire days into getting my talk/teaching/classwork ready, I certainly haven’t been bored this past … Continue reading

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This Post is Full of Awesome

Two awesome things in this post: first, a family near Provincetown, Mass. captured footage of a great white feeding on a seal right off the beach.  Bonus: this clip is from channel 12 in Rhode Island. Secondly, my good friend … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Tagged!

Apparently there’s a little meme going around the science blogging community where “bloggers of substance” are tagged and have to answer a couple questions.  I was tagged by Mike over at Cephalove and now I’ve been suckered in.  So here … Continue reading

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Carnival of the Blue

I ended up getting just enough reliable internet today to find out that my post on skates migrating into Georges Bank from Canada has shown up on the Carnival of the Blue over at Arthropoda.  Go check it out and … Continue reading

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Brief Blogcation

Hey y’all.  I’m on vacation in the mountains of Tennessee which, despite having beautiful views and most of the amenities of home, does have rather spotty wireless.  Rather than stress over that, I’ll be shirking my blogging responsibilities until next … Continue reading

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