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Carcharhinus linkamanus

In my blogging absence, a lot of interesting stuff has happened and been written about.  And let’s face it, at this point I’ve pretty much accepted link posts as part of my usual output. Two more blogs for the SFS … Continue reading

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Dogfish on Tour: Tampa, Florida

Whew, it’s been a while since the last post (like, last year.  Har har har…).  A nice trip back to my New England motherland caused me to be a little more off the grid than usual, but now I’m back.  … Continue reading

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Merry Fishmas!

Posting has been sporadic here of late thanks to the holiday season and company visiting.  I’ll be resuming regular updates in a few days.  Until then, happy holidays and only overdo the eggnog when appropriate.

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This is more of an academic post than a shark-related post.  This article has been making the science blog rounds today for good reason: if true, it has far-reaching (but distressingly unsurprising) implications not just for education but society in … Continue reading

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Prionace glinka

Because sometimes it’s more efficient to post up a bunch of links than write a full post. Chronicles of Zostera has officially been assimilated into the Southern Fried Science Network.  John’s been pumping out quality posts on scallops, seagrass, and … Continue reading

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Help a Starving Grad Student

So it’s been a pretty awesome turn-out for The Gam Classroom Initiative and several of the projects have been successfully funded.  That doesn’t mean you should let up though.  541 potential Jaques Cousteaus (or Steve Zissous) have been reached, but … Continue reading

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Another One Joins the Hive Mind

I’d like to offer a warm welcome to the newest blog to join The Network.  The Skeptical Moth is primarily concerned with insects of the moth variety as well as sharp takedowns of bad science journalism and entemological pseudoscience (there’s … Continue reading

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All Science Begins in the Field

Apologies for all the short posts lately.  I’ve got a nice fat research post on deck, so don’t worry.  There’s just this matter of a huge stack of stats homework to get through first (damn you, grad school!).  In the … Continue reading

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Help Support Science Education

You hear about it all the time: American schools are trailing the rest of the world at science and math, leading to us losing our competitive and creative edge and generally creating a situation where the movie Idiocracy seems painfully … Continue reading

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100th Post Sharkstravaganza

The more you hang around the internet and read blogs, the more you realize that blogs tend to follow r/K selection theory.  There are r-selected blogs, which spring up, pump out a couple posts, then vanish, and often have authors … Continue reading

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